Zakhar Prilepin the DNR gave the command, the antiaircraft guns

Захар Прилепин в ДНР отдавал команды зенитке

Prilepin commanded the anti-aircraft gun

Russian writer took a provocative video.

Writer Zakhar Prilepin, who came to the DNR to fight, lit up in the video. First, he holds in his hands the mark “Pacific”, but after the statements that he stands for peace, like all writers, he gives his orders to the crews of anti-aircraft ZU-23.

“All the writers of the world have always advocated a world: Shakespeare, Shenderovich, Dante, Andrei Makarevich, everything. And I also stand for peace. Thank you all. Off? Work!”, says the Prilepin.

We will remind, against Prilepin open case on two counts: participation in the activities of terrorist organizations and the financing of terrorism.

With Prilepin refused to work in Europe after his departure in DND