Zakharchenko has closed the “public servants” in Ukraine

Захарченко закрыл "госслужащим" выезд в Украину

Alexander Zakharchenko

In the past year on suspicion of “espionage and treason” in DNR arrested 246 people.

In the self-proclaimed DNR has banned “public servants” to travel to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. The relevant “decree” was signed by the head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko, according to the website “MGB” of the DNI.

It is noted that the document signed on 15 December 2017, “to ensure the personal safety of employees of public authorities of the DNI”.

According to the “MGB”, the cases, when employees of enterprises and institutions “under threats of physical and psychological effects in relation to them and their relatives forced to the implementation of intelligence and subversive activities on the territory of the DNI”.

Supposedly only for 2017 on suspicion of “espionage and treason” in DNR arrested 246 people, including 148 employees, “the public sphere”.

Захарченко закрыл "госслужащим" выезд в Украину

Photo: “MGB” DNR

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in DND so-called “military Tribunal” DNR issued a “judgment” against four people suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine and “terrorist activities”. The maximum sentence was 15 years.

The DNR debaltseve resident put 19 years for espionage