Zakharchenko has promised to return the Crimea Scythian gold after the capture of Kiev

Захарченко пообещал вернуть Крыму скифское золото после захвата Киева

The court’s decision on the transfer of Ukraine Scythian gold Zakharchenko said “legally wrong”

The leader of the “Republic” I am confident that the gold was stolen, reported Semenchenko.

The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko has promised to give the Scythian gold, which according to the decision of the court of Amsterdam will return Ukraine to the occupied Crimea. Video with the corresponding statement appeared on Youtube.

To do that Zakharchenko is going after the “take Kiev”.

“Our life is a lot of injustice, unfortunately, not all of the processes we can influence, but I guarantee you and I am sure that when we take Kiev, to change the situation in Kiev, the gold of the Crimea back still to the Crimea. If Yatsenyuk again it is not stolen along with Semenchenko (the people’s Deputy from “Samopomich” – ed.), and they are people,” — said Zakharchenko.

Earlier, Zakharchenko said about the need to seize the Kingdom to come “the Golden age of Russia.”