Zakharchenko threatens to shoot armed OSCE mission in case her arrival in “DNR”

Захарченко угрожает расстреливать вооруженную миссию ОБСЕ в случае ее прибытия в "ДНР"

“Chapter” self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s Republic” (“DNR”) Alexandr Zakharchenko has threatened to shoot the armed personnel of the OSCE mission in case of their arrival occupied by militants areas of Donbass. This was stated to journalists in Donetsk, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“If they have a desire to appear armed, I would treat this as an intervention and all Obsession who will be with the weapon, I will shoot to have even the desire arose to come here with a gun,” – said Zakharchenko.

“The monitoring mission has received the mandate to monitor, so no Obcasnik arms will not come here,” added the militant leader.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he expected adoption in the near future the decision on the establishment and deployment in the Donbass armed police mission of the OSCE. The head of state stressed that the Russian Federation agrees to the placement in the East of Ukraine the military mission of the OSCE.

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Poroshenko noted that the objectives of the mission will be to ensure the safety, preparation and conduct of elections in the occupied areas, as well as the transfer of power to the newly elected representatives of Donbass.

Previously Deputy head of special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug said the police mission in the Donbas may occur in the case that all the 57 countries member States will take the appropriate decision.