Zelensky has signed the law on wiretapping for NABOO

Зеленский подписал закон о прослушке для НАБУ

Vladimir Zelensky has signed the law on wiretapping

Document reglamentary pretrial investigation and allows anti-corruption agencies to use wiretapping.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed the law № 187-IX, which contains amendments to the Criminal procedure code self tapping NEB and RRT, as well as the pretrial investigation. The relevant data contained in the card bill on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

The law allows the competent departments of NABOO, RRT and security agencies to remove the information from transport telecommunication networks.

Also, the national Bureau of investigation were given the right to hire not only vowels, but also undercover agents. This will create a separate competition Commission from among employees of the NABU – those who have access to state secrets. The order of competition will be determined by the Director of the Bureau. According to the document in the NABS can be no more than 500 people personnel.

Now if the Ukrainians want to make a procedural act which requires the approval of the Prosecutor or court that this agreement is necessary abroad. Under this bill, the default proceedings against the Ukrainians abroad will be able to conduct without such agreement – unless stipulated by international agreement or is a condition of providing such assistance according to the legislation of the requested party. The validity of such authorization is not limited, and a duly certified copy of the resolution attached to the materials of the request.

The law would allow the investigating judge at the request of the defense to engage an expert or experts for examination. The investigator and the Prosecutor “have a duty to provide an examination,” not to turn to the investigating judge.

It is assumed that the defense has the right to agree with the experts about the examination, including required. If the defense is not enough money for expert, he may apply to the investigating judge.

There remains the possibility to appeal against the notification of the investigator and the Prosecutor about the suspicion.

Removed the provision on the right of the parties to the proceedings to petition for the announcement of the indictment in its entirety – there is only a brief outline of the indictment.

And the court is entitled to limit the duration of the announcement of the summary of the indictment and the statement of claim – “given a reasonable period of time”.

According to the draft agreement on recognition of guilt may contain conditions for the application of special confiscation.

To the Protocol on the detention of the person will need to add photo in case at the time of arrest is not known, the name and surname of the person.

Almost all of the provisions of the law will come into force on the day following its official publication.

We will remind, on October 4, Parliament also gave the NEB, and the RRT right to wiretap members.

Today it became known that the court of Chernivtsi region found “the wire.” It was discovered in his office the President of the court.

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