Zelensky have called for negotiation in Paris

У Зеленского назвали темы для переговоров в Париже

Without the withdrawal of “foreign troops” from the Donbass impossible the holding of elections, said Julia Mendel.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at the meeting of the Normandy four leaders in Paris will focus on three key issues. This was reported by press Secretary of the Ukrainian President Yulia Mendel on his page in Facebook on Sunday, December 8.

“The first three steps, which will raise the President Zelensky at the meeting in Paris: the terms and conditions of the return of prisoners of Ukrainians, a real, not “fake” cease-fire, and, of course, the withdrawal of foreign troops and armed groups from the territory of Donbass”, – she wrote.

She also added that without the withdrawal of “foreign troops” from Ukraine cannot hold elections.

“The last (the question of withdrawal of troops – ed.) is a prerequisite for holding elections in the Donbass. Their conduct in the framework of the elections throughout the territory of Ukraine, can only happen when there will be no foreign troops and illegal armed groups. So says the law of Ukraine and a simple logic: just because you can go to Donbass the Ukrainian party will not be able to be there the international observers will not be able to people to vote openly and ntangiriro at gunpoint. First our border, then the election, because this is our territory, and local elections will be held throughout Ukraine,” – said Mendel.

She acknowledged that Ukraine is in a difficult situation, but Zelensky will fly to Paris “with a very strong position.

“We have strong allies, Germany and France, we have support in the international arena, including from the US and the UK. But our most important ally is the Ukrainian people, who wants to end the war,” wrote Mendel.

We will remind, on Monday, December 9 at the Paris summit of the presidents of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany. Meeting in Normandy format at the level of heads of States held for the first time in three years.

Zelensky previously confirmed personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the talks in Paris.

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