Zelensky on the visit of Bogdan in Saint-Tropez: He had no right to walk there

Зеленский о поездке Богдана в Сен-Тропе: Он не имел права там гулять

Vladimir Zelensky believes that Andriy Bogdan was wrong

Andrey Bogdan went on vacation for a few days before the independence Day of Ukraine, said Vladimir Zelensky.

President Vladimir Zelensky criticized the head of his Office Andrey Bogdan, and condemned him for his holiday in France on the Day of independence of Ukraine. About Zelensky has told in interview to the program “100 days of the President of Ukraine”, published on the 1+1 TV channel on Saturday, August 31.

“He’s such an impatient person. He sometimes can not calm down. I told him: “you always put up in Instagram, where are you going to press?!”. He needs to calm down,” said Zelensky.

The President believes that Bogdan had no right to independence Day to relax in Saint-Tropez.

“Bogdan went on vacation, and it wasn’t 24 (August – ed.). It is important to understand that he did not come for independence Day in Saint-Tropez. I didn’t even know where he went, it’s none of my business. He came in four or five days before. I signed a vacation, there is paper… I called him and said that he was wrong in this situation. He could not be (in Saint-Tropez – ed.) as one of the real powerful people in government and not entitled to independence Day of your country in Saint-Tropez to walk. He has violated the law?… Well, not everything is measured by law. Yeah, not violated. But especially on Independence Day – want to protect – he did not go to Saint-Tropez. Although he is wrong, ” said Zelensky.

Earlier this week it became known that Andrei Bogdan spent independence Day at the wedding in Saint-Tropez in France and do not participate in official events. At the wedding he, in particular, sang the national anthem at the head of the procession of girls go-go in one of the restaurants in Saint-Tropez.

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