Zelensky said about the mirror the roads in five years

Зеленский рассказал о зеркальных дорогах через пять лет

Vladimir Zelensky

The newly elected President vowed during his term to do everything possible so that Ukraine was a “mirror” of the road.

Newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky has published a video in which he promised to do everything to make Ukrainian roads have become normal within five years of his term. The corresponding video was published in the Telegram to channel ze!Team.

Zelensky addressed to his supporters, motorists staged a Unity Rally in his support.

“Hey guys, sorry it’s so late. I thank you for the Flag, your rally from all regions of Ukraine. I am grateful for the support. My victory is our victory”, – said in the video Zelensky.

According to him, motorists are able to verify in which the bad condition of the roads in the country.

The politician promised that he would do everything possible to five years the rally was held on normal roads.

“I promise you… I can’t promise but I’ll do that next time, in five years, you normally, a buzz came to us on a normal mirror the roads,” said Zelensky.

Earlier, Poroshenko signed a decree on the inauguration Zelensky, which will take place on may 20 at 10:00.

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