Zelensky said about the preparation of the meeting with Putin

Зеленский заявил о подготовке встречи с Путиным

President Vladimir Zelensky has told about the meeting with Putin

Presumably, a personal meeting will be held in September in the framework of the Normandy format. The exact date of the event is not called.

President Vladimir Zelensky said about the agreement at a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the summit in the Normandy format. He told about it in interview to TV channel 1+1 issued on 31 August.

“We spoke in the second call, and that we will continue the third time – this is our in the Normandy format of a personal meeting, our party of it was planned,” said Zelensky.

Presumably, the meeting will be held in September. The Ukrainian President believes that the presence of Western leaders may “negotiate and sign, what is most important.”

Earlier the President of France Emmanuel macron said that a meeting of the Normandy Quartet summit held in September. He did not name the exact date, but noted that he had discussed the plan of the summit with Zelensky and Putin.

Earlier Zelensky said that the second call to Putin was the most difficult moment as President of Ukraine.

Assistant to the President of Ukraine told about the beginning of the pressure on the Russian side on the issue of exchange of prisoners.

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