Zelensky wants to merge three ministries

Зеленский хочет объединить три министерства

The Servant of the people discussing the issue of unification of the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of information policy and the Ministry of youth and sports in one Department.

President Vladimir Zelensky for the unification of the Ministry of youth and sports, the Ministry of information policy and the Ministry of culture. He said this at a briefing, answering questions of journalists.

“I support this idea, the idea of unification. The structure of this will appear in the near future, when there will be a new government. We have our development and our vision of this issue,” said Zelensky.

From Zelensky hope that the first meeting of the new Parliament will be held on the independence Day. This opinion was expressed by the head of the electoral headquarters of the “Servants of the people” Alexander Kornienko.

In any case, wait for the deadline, that the law (September 9) in the party plan. “We plan earlier than the law defines it. That’s for sure. Fifteenth of August is, perhaps, even earlier. By the way, good idea to tie it to Independence Day (the independence Day of Ukraine, 24 August – approx. ed.)”, – said Kornienko.

As reported, the team of President Vladimir Zelensky plans to eliminate the Ministry of information policy, and to unite the national Council on television and radio broadcasting State Committee for television and radio broadcasting.

From Zelensky want to shorten the Cabinet

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