Zguladze told what will be the priorities for the group of advisers to the interior Ministry

Згуладзе рассказала, какие направления будут приоритетными для группы советников при МВД

Eka Zguladze

Ex-Deputy interior Minister Eka Zguladze in interview “Censor.”said, will do what a dedicated group of advisers to the interior Ministry, which she headed.

She noted that it would be “an atypical group of advisers like the one that was in the Ministry,” and “very technical team”, and already in the next 2-3 months will be presented directions on which work is already underway.

“There will people unfamiliar to the wider public. But they’re experts in their fields; and they are Ukrainians. The authors, with engines and arms these areas are like the guys who were with us all this year and some new people. Not employees of the Ministry, but those who want to participate. It’s actually the specialists in very different directions. Not politicians and not even the well-known public men. It’s just the guys who will work together with us”, – said Zguladze.

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As an example of the work of the group she called the reform of the Interdistrict registration-examination departments of the traffic police and the reform of the fire service.

“This program (reform of the fire service – ed.) will provide an opportunity to rehabilitate demobilized children. Not all, but at least part. To involve them in active social sphere, to give them a new purpose, to help again to get to his feet. We would like the front heroes to make heroes of the community. It is very important to me,” said the head of group of advisers.

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Recall, may 11, first Deputy interior Minister Eka Zguladze has resigned. She will continue the reforms aimed at the head of group of advisers Avakov.