Zhdanov: 2017 became one of the most successful for Ukrainian sport

Жданов: 2017 год стал одним из самых успешных для украинского спорта

Igor Zhdanov

The Minister summed up the work of his office in 2017.

The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov on his page in Facebook summed up the work of the Ministry in 2017.

Zhdanov noted that this year was one of the most successful in the history of Russian sport.

“The development of sport, youth policy and national-Patriotic education of youth became an important element of the Government’s report for the III quarter, which was recently presented by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

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Proud to be in the year 2017 has become one of the most successful for Ukrainian sport. This year Ukrainian athletes in different sports have participated in 862 international competitions and won awards 2226. Vivid and historically successful performances of the Ukrainian national teams at the World games 2017 in Wroclaw and Deaflympics in Samsun. There team won respectively the 5th and 2nd place in the team standings.

Launched the real revival of sports infrastructure on the ground. In the framework of the decentralization reform of the State regional development Fund in coordination with the Ministry of youth and sport finances the construction, repair and reconstruction of 84 sports facilities in Ukraine. This became possible due to the fact that the Government supported my initiative to allocate 10% of funds GPR exclusively on the development of sports infrastructure”, – said Zhdanov.

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