Zhdanov told what remuneration will be received by the Olympians for prizes

Жданов рассказал, какие денежные вознаграждения получат олимпийцы за призовые места

Ukrainian athlete for the first place at the Olympic games-2016 will receive a cash award in the amount of 125 thousand dollars, for the second – 85 thousand dollars., for the third – 55 thousand dollars. The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov said at a press briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“There is a decree of the government: 125 thousand dollars. – for gold, $ 85 thousand. for silver and 55 thousand dollars. – for the bronze,” – said Zhdanov.

The Minister said that the preparation of athletes for the Olympics, the government has allocated almost $ 250 million USD, and added that “it is the minimum sufficient funds to provide the training our Olympic team”. According to Zhdanov, of this amount, 63 million USD was allocated for the training camps, 144 million USD – a payment of remuneration to the Champions and winners of the Games.

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We will remind, according to the plan of priority actions of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2016, Ukraine’s participation in the Olympic games in 2016 should be among the top 20 sporting Nations of the world.

As previously reported, the 31st Olympic games will be held August 5-21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).