Zhebrivskyi: “Easter silence” ended

Жебривский: "Пасхальная тишина" закончилась

After the holidays, to shoot at the Donbass became more pronounced zhebrivskyi

Donetsk Governor noted the increase in attacks after the holidays.

The Governor of the Donetsk oblast Pavlo zhebrivskyi said about the end of the Easter of silence” in the ATO, noting that the intensity of the shelling after the holidays has increased.

“Sorry, “Easter silence” ended. Attacks from terrorists has increased significantly. There are wounded among the Ukrainian soldiers and wounded civilians from Avdeevki”, – he wrote in Facebook.

In addition, the Zhebrivsky caused a perplexing statement by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier that “there are problems with the extension of sanctions against the aggressor”.

We will note, according to a morning summary of the ATO headquarters, over the past day the number of attacks in the Donbas has increased in two times.


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