Zhebrivskyi spoke about the epidemic of meningitis in Krasnogorovka

Жебривский заговорил об эпидемии менингита в Красногоровке

In Krasnogorovka examined 70 people.

In Krasnogorovka of Donetsk region from staphylococcal meningitis died 16-year-old girl. This was announced by the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky on his page in Facebook.

“The evening of June 24 she had a fever, in the morning she was taken to the hospital in Kurakhovo, and thence to 16.30 in Slavyansk. The doctors fought for her life, but, unfortunately, on 26 June, she died,” he wrote.

In turn, the Deputy Maryinsky district state administration Tatiana Sucka reported that in Krasnogorovka yesterday examined 70 people in contact with the girl, as the disease can be transmitted by airborne droplets.

“Among surveyed found ten with fever, six of them were hospitalized, four refused hospitalization – prescribed medication and sent home, as forcibly to keep them in the hospital doctors are not allowed. All patients took the necessary tests,” – said Sucka.

Zhebrivskyi ordered in Krasnogorovka were sent additional medical teams.

“We need to examine people and identify where the infection is. Local doctors and authorities are rejecting the option of so-called domestic infection: the girl was raised in a full happy family that meets all the necessary sanitary standards. Assume that the infection she received an air-drop way,” he added.

Recall, June 10, separatists fired at Marinka and Krasnogorovka.