Zhebrivskyi wants it checked SBU

Жебривский хочет, чтобы его проверила СБУ

Pavel Zhebrivsky

So the head of the CAA has responded to the scandalous charges Savchenko.

The head of the Donetsk military and civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky planning to apply to SBU and NABOO to check the facts after the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko accused him of smuggling cigarettes. This statement he made on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine on Tuesday, August 29.

According to him, he wants to “check the facts”.

“I’ll go, now come the lawyers, and will appeal to the SBU, in NABOO, because someone, some person said about me committing a crime, I want to check the facts and gave the answer,” he said.

As you know, the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko accused Paul Zhebrivskyi that he is smuggling cigarettes.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine from ORDO tried to import contraband cigarettes amounting to about 1.5 million hryvnias.