Zhebrivskyi: Without water the plant will not leave

Жебривский: Без воды Авдеевку не оставим

The town for the day without centralized water supply

Tomorrow repairers can be allowed to bridge the gap of power lines.

Governor of Donetsk oblast Pavlo zhebrivskyi said that the Avdiyivka at the moment, drinking and industrial water, but the situation “threatening”. About this he wrote in Facebook.

Residents of the Town and several villages were left without water the day before because of obestochivaete Donetsk filtering station.

“Drinking and technical water for today Avdeevka wealthy people are delivered to representatives of DSNs and the local utility company,” said zhebrivskyi.

According to him, the situation nevertheless remains “threatening”, although representatives of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC received a preliminary promise from the opposite side tomorrow to allow repair crews to damaged facilities.

“The question of when restoration work is complete – open. But I emphasize: without water the plant will not leave. If necessary, we will get additional forces,” – concluded zhebrivskyi.

Note, from may 25 for the first time in three years the fighting is on full power Avdiivka coke plant.

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