Zhytomyr is the first in Europe to switch to led street lighting

Житомир может первым в Европе перейти на светодиодное уличное освещение

Sanctification in Zhytomyr

To energy-efficient lighting allocated 18 million hryvnias from the city budget.

The following year, the Zhytomyr intends to increase the number of outdoor LED fixtures to 8600 and become the first city in Europe, which will completely switch to led outdoor lighting, according to Ecotown.com.ua.

It is noted that according to the mayor of the city Sergey Sukhomlin’s, last year Zhitomir increased количествоLED-lamps in the streets to 5200.

“On energy-saving lighting, we have allocated 18 million from their own funds and used the funds of the state Fund of regional development”, explains the mayor.

According to him, today, Zhytomyr is a leader in implementing energy efficient measures in the sphere of urban economy and development of renewable energy.

Recall that the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine agreed on the use of mobile operators 3G base stations in Zhitomir and Berdichev.