Zinchenko entered in 20-ku the best players in the Premier League according to the Telegraph

Зинченко вошел в 20-ку лучших игроков АПЛ по версии The Telegraph

Oleksandr Zinchenko occupied 20-th position in the ranking of the best in the Premier League.

A well-known newspaper The Telegraph has compiled a ranking of the twenty best players of the championship of England.

In the list was a place for Ukrainians Oleksandr Zinchenko, who completed the ranking, finishing in 20th position. Topped the list of partner Ukrainian-Manchester city’s Sergio Aguero.

“When PEP Guardiola spent a lot of money on the purchase of fullbeam, no one could not imagine that the young midfielder will be his main favorite for this position.

Injuries to some players has forced Guardiola to make the Ukrainian defender, but sometimes he turns into a midfielder or covers the entire flank, but may pass on the other flank.

On account Zinchenko 2 assists in 3 matches. He really is a left-back?”, the authors write of rating.

Recall Zinchenko became the best left back in the EPL in February.

According to the materials: