Zrada from Pinchuk: the reaction of the Ukrainian social networks

Зрада от Пинчука: реакция украинских соцсетей

Victor Pinchuk

Oligarch offered to Ukrainian society to refuse entry into the EU and give LDNR to hold elections.

The oligarch and owner of the Interpipe group Viktor Pinchuk wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal in which he made several controversial statements.

The main reason of the effect of local stir: failure (albeit temporary) from joining the EU and NATO, and most importantly – painful concessions in the Donbass, leading up to the elections on the terms of the letter of Minsk, ie without transferring Ukraine border.

Opinion leaders in Facebook undertook a lively discussion of initiatives Pinchuk.

So the startup community Greencubator, which was recognized in long-standing cooperation with the structures Pinchuk, now urged to break off all contact with him.

But the ex-ally of Yanukovych Olena Lukash on the contrary finds the initiative of the oligarch only possible because they, in her opinion, are the world.

The leader of the Right sector Yarosh urged Dito “to punish the oligarchs for the laws of war”. Pinchuk, according to Yarosh, “right is Putin for his 30 pieces of silver”.

Naturally, that again was supported by Pinchuk of the former regional camps – the people’s Deputy from the opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul. He said that the idea of the oligarch still are not accepted by society, but after six months this may change.

But the lawyer Tatyana Montyan words Pinchuk seem to be “the integer is in the air”: Montyan believes that the oligarch spoke the language of compromise in order to please the new administration in the United States, in a campaign which didn’t invest as much money as team Clinton.

I agree with her political scientist Ruslan Bortnik: “Pinchuk you can (and should!) largely disagree, not only in the ability to feel the political situation.”

But in Luhansk, the ex-Governor Georgy Tuka calls out from the EU and from Pinchuk. In his opinion, no matter what the compromise did not go Ukraine, Russia “will not stop”.