Zuckerberg apologized for privacy leakage from Facebook

Цукерберг извинился за утечку данных из Facebook

The CEO also acknowledged that not enough was done to prevent Russian interference in the elections. He promised to strengthen the security of the social network.

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg apologized for the fact that the company failed to provide the users of the social network and other services, Facebook needs a level of protection of personal data, according to Reuters.

It is noted that on Monday, April 9, he met with senators, to whom will speak at the hearings regarding the misuse of data of millions of users of Facebook.

“We did not give a clear report in which the responsibility was on us. It was my mistake and I regret it,” − said in a written statement, Zuckerberg issued by the United States Congress.

He also added that the company “did not do enough to prevent the use of the tools Facebook harm”.

“I started Facebook, I run a (company − ed.) and I’m responsible for what’s going on here”, − he stressed.

Zuckerberg has promised lawmakers to do more for the security and said that is currently negotiating with investors of the company.

Earlier it became known that as a result of a massive leak of personal data of users of Facebook at the disposal of the British company Cambrigde Analytica could get the personal data of 87 million users of Facebook.

Because of this incident, the company was in the midst of a large-scale scandal, but Zuckerberg was invited to a special hearing in the U.S. Congress.

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