Zuckerberg has a fortune of $4.3 billion over two hours

Цукерберг разбогател на $4,3 млрд за два часа

As the CEO of Facebook has grown to the successful reporting of the company.

The founder and CEO of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg earned more than four billion for the first two hours of trading of the NASDAQ stock market on Thursday, April 28, according to Forbes.

Thanks earned 4,3 billion dollars mark Zuckerberg climbed to fifth place in the online ranking of billionaires according to Forbes and walked the founder of Oracle Corporation Larry Ellison.

As the Zuckerberg grew Facebook successful reporting for the first quarter of 2016. So, on April 27 the company announced that net profit in the reporting period year-on-year nearly tripled, to $ 1.5 billion in revenue – 57 percent (to $ 5.2 billion), and the number of active users in a month – 15 percent (a total of 1.65 billion people).

The value of Facebook shares for the first two hours after the start of trading rose by almost 10 percent (up to 119,5 dollars per share). Capitalization of Facebook during the same period increased by more than $ 30 billion and amounted to 347 billion.

Zuckerberg owns 15 percent of the share capital Facebook. However, he is in agreement with the other partners retains voting control in the company (about 54% of the votes).

In early February, Zuckerberg was fourth in the list of the richest people in the world by Bloomberg. However, on January 29, the founder of Fecbook was on the sixth line in this rating. And for nekskolko days before Zuckerberg was in eighth place.

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