A fire at a poultry plant killed 20 thousand live birds

The fire at the poultry farm in Lviv region

The causes of the fire are established.

In the Lviv region burned farm, which resulted in the destruction of nearly 20 thousand heads of live poultry. About it reports a press-the centre of the state service for emergency situations.

“On 18 June at 16:20 in Service of rescue reported a fire in the city of Pustomyty on the street, 19 the farm, in a brick one-story building”, - stated in the message.

According to SSES, the fire was localized at 17:18, eliminated at 17:36 Saturday.

“The fire destroyed production equipment, 19 695 heads of live poultry and the roof on the area of 800 m2. The fire destroyed the load-bearing roof construction that led to its collapse over the entire area. Saved nearby adjacent building”, - reported in Department.

Earlier in the village Zakurina Krasnoarmeyskiy district, Donetsk region burned farm.

The victims of the fire at the poultry farm in China has more than 110 people