Accident in Kiev: Car rolled over twice and caught fire

Photo: “Еспресо.TV”

Photo: “Еспресо.TV”

Photo: “Еспресо.TV”

In Kiev at the intersection of Ring road accident occurred, which resulted in the Ford rolled over twice and caught fire, reports “Espresso”.

At the crossroads of New ring roads and streets gas Pipeline accident occurred. According to police and the driver of the Ford, the driver of the Dacia moved on Novoseltsevo the road with the Minsk highway and at the traffic lights, turning left on street Gas, not to missed Ford. The latter also moved at Novoseltsevo with Gostomel highway. As a result of collision the Ford rolled over 2 times, started a fire engine. The drivers passing by, helped to quickly extinguish the flames.

Spouses of Dacia took the ambulance with injuries.

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The driver of the Ford refused hospitalization. According to journalists, he worries that worked on your car as a courier, and now will lose their jobs.

Recall, in the Lviv region as a result of a triple accident killed a man.


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