Airbus presented the updated largest airliner

The new aircraft will be called A380plus.

A leading European aircraft manufacturer Airbus on Sunday, June 18, introduced an updated version of the world’s largest passenger airliner the A380. The new aircraft will be called A380plus, the press service of the concern.

Among the upgrades is a new wing design, which, according to the company, must at 4% to reduce fuel consumption. The airline also stressed that the new ship will be more economical and roomy optimised cabin space that allows you to add more passenger seats.

According to estimates by Airbus, the innovation will reduce the cost of airlines per passenger by 13%.

The group expect that the new aircraft will help to reduce the 13% cost per passenger seat compared to the A380. He will be able to carry 80 passengers or more to fly 300 nautical miles farther than the previous version of the aircraft.

Earlier it was reported that Airbus is developing a next generation fighter plane.


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