Anton saved. The story of the assassination of Gerashchenko

The MP wanted to kill on the orders of Russia - the main version of power.

The security service of Ukraine at the weekend announced that it has prevented the assassination of a Deputy.

The MP, who wanted to kill, was the representative of the party “people’s front”, Advisor to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko.

Authorities have linked the assassination of Gerashchenko with other crimes and talking about another Russian conspiracy against Ukraine.

Correspondent.netgathered all the information about the attempted murder Gerashchenko.

SBU alert

The security service of Ukraine informed that warned of an attempt on some people’s choice, which allegedly was planned by Russian special services.

Later it became known that wanted to kill Anton Gerashchenko.

According to the SBU, for the preparation of the killing of MP, two men arrived on 14 December 2016 on the territory of Ukraine – in Kharkov.

On 19 December they went to Kiev, where during the week, conducted reconnaissance and surveillance of the object. The report they sent to his supervisor in Russia.

The suspects - two citizens of Ukraine. One of them is a citizen of S. 1980, the native of Donetsk region, previously convicted three times, last time for theft, the other a citizen D., born in 1978, native of the Crimea, twice convicted for robbery.

The attackers were arrested with alerted by an improvised explosive device near the housing Deputy.

Seized an explosive device - a plastic container with plastic explosives weighing approximately 400 grams, heavy duty magnet, detonator and battery.

During the searches in the apartment and the car of detainees prepared by the detected mobile terminals, SIM cards to bring the improvised explosive device, means of communication with the curators.

Oversaw the organization of the assassination allegedly a former citizen of Ukraine, who fought for the separatists in Lugansk Andrey Tikhonov, living in the moment, in Belgorod.

Revenge for the peacemaker?

Gerashchenko said that to kill it would for active citizenship, but also because of the activities of the Peacemaker website, which published data on the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

On the Peacemaker website is a large base of the separatists participating in combat operations in the Donbass, and the Russian military, which according to the website, can also be involved in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine.

However, the notoriety Peacemaker brought publishing lists of journalists who received accreditation from the LDNR.

“Investigators believe that this [attempted murder] most likely due to my active public position, public position regarding the prevention of action for continuation of aggression against Ukraine, as well as with my work on the development of the project Peacemaker”, – he told on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine.

In his opinion, this site is very painful for all the persons who conducted and are conducting subversive activities against Ukraine.

The familiar handwriting

Another adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak also said that the main reasons for attempts to Gerashchenko - “counter-terrorism” Peacemaker and “hard, outdoor… anti-Russian activities” of the MP.

“The handwriting of identical customers with planning and carrying out a terrorist attack the murder of Pavel Sheremet,” - wrote Shkiryak on his page on Facebook.

Avakov sees the chain

The Minister of internal Affairs Avakov believes that the attempt on his adviser is an element in the chain of a number of crimes, “forming a system with a center of influence out of Ukraine.”

According to him, “Netpolice and SBU have the facts and materials investigations for even a number of episodes, as committed, and prevented the murders, the criminals developed a similar scheme, including resonance”.

Avakov claims that now law enforcement officers are discussing whether to publish the facts.

In principle, the head of the Ministry of interior made in traditional style – there is danger, the whole plot, we all know about her, but nothing concrete to say.

Other reasons

In the network actively discussing the assumption that the attempt at Gerashchenko is a PR stunt “people’s Front”, whose rating is extremely low, and the bellicose rhetoric of the political forces to justify the need. The image of itself the main goal of the Russian intelligence services – a standard move.

Just a week ago ally Gerashchenko in the party Sergei Pashinsky also told us that carries the weapon with him, he prepared the assassination of the Russians.

According to the newspaper the, one of the reasons for the assassination Gerashchenko could be a conflict over flows of contraband in the area of ATO. The MP allegedly influential in this area.


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