Bashir: it’s a Shame we parted with a Mustache

Oleksandr Usyk and James Ali Bashir

Ex-coach Alexander Usik unhappy with the way I treated him.

The former coach of the world champion under version WBO in the first heavyweight Ukrainian Alexander Usik James Ali Bashir in an interview with BaylorIC TV told the details of the breakup with Ukrainian and called the person who, according to Bashir, gave Whiskers to such a decision.

“I realized that my days in command of the Cirrus considered during a meeting with his new Manager Egis Klimas. Literally in the first 5-10 seconds after we met. I realized that it has a huge influence on the decisions of the Mustache, but still the responsibility for this decision rests mainly on the shoulders of Alexander.

Everything changed after the Tendril has become a world champion. The fact that the attitude of the Mustache to me for some reason changed, I realized from a conversation with Klimas. It was during a meeting in Kiev. I came to the meeting, but the beginning of it somehow was delayed. I asked Agisa about the purpose of this meeting, and he said, “you are fired”. The dismissal? How so? With barb on this topic then to talk seriously failed, he defeated the whole situation as a joke.

This situation caught me off guard, because I belonged to the Mustache as their native son. Yes, I still love him like a son, because Alexander is internally just a really good person. But, apparently, highly susceptible to external influence. And I have a suspicion that, in this case, the influence of the Spartan king Klimas. This is personally my suspicions. Perhaps Egis refute them. Or the Mustache. But from the very beginning of our acquaintance with Egis I got the strong impression that he doesn’t want to see me head coach Alexander.

Not a problem for me the fact that I replaced. The problem is, how I did it. For example, at the weigh-in before the fight with Mchunu wouldn’t let me become close with the Mustache. Over my 45 plus years in Boxing I have never seen anything like it! That’s what I really did not like. At that moment I felt like a stranger. The first time I was not allowed to become along with his fighter, which I was preparing for battle, and that I had next to Secunderabad in battle. Also, I was not allowed to tapirisat the hands of his fighter, before the fight. Also for the first time in my career. The contempt and disrespect towards me – here’s how it looked

In General, during that training camp I felt that attitude towards me has changed from the whiskers. In emotions, even in small details. If to describe briefly, we can say that I felt the Tendril away from me. It was then, in California, for the first time with a barb I wanted to quickly finish this training camp and go home. Because the atmosphere in the camp was not like before.

It was a great three years, because we had a really good attitude. The only thing I don’t like is HOW we broke up. After the battle with Mchunu I wrote barb is that we need to meet, to discuss our cooperation, because I don’t feel comfortable in the last training camp. We were supposed to meet on 8 January in Ukraine, but the meeting never took place. Although I stayed in Kiev until January 22.

Offended if I was into Mustache that he decided to fire me? No, it’s workflow. But for that there is resentment is because he does not stand on my defence when I was treated with disrespect, as with the photo shoot at the weigh-in before the fight with Mchunu. He could say: where’s my coach? Come over here!

With Cirrus it so happened that he called me his father, but was not in my defense, when I was disrespectful. And I’m sure that Mustache, that he may say in public, deep down, realize that he was wrong and he was wrong.

Coaches change the box often, and it’s not my first dismissal – there is nothing to worry. Just a shame when your son allows you to treat you with disrespect. He didn’t say anything Egis Klimas that day at the meeting when he was carrying shit at that meeting in Kiev, said nothing then, at the weigh-in, and when I removed it the tapping of hands – he never complained that he didn’t like the way he etapiruyut hands. That’s what I hurt.

But with the Cirrus I still would like to remember the good times – how we came to title fights, and he won the title, breaking the record of the great Holyfield” said James Ali Bashir.

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