Biathlon. Dallmeier back on top

Individual race on the world Cup stage in Antholz won Laura dahlmeier.

The sixth stage of the world Cup started the individual race in Antholz-Anterselva. The Dolomites take the final competitions before the world Cup, because for leaders it is the last chance to prove himself on the eve of the main start. For the duration of the race on 15 kilometres with four firing lines – a rare guest biathlon season. However, many athletes love independents for its unpredictability, because the most important part of racing is shooting. As a consequence, the slug have the opportunity to win in the oldest biathlon discipline.

In contrast to the German phases of the southern Tyrol is famous for its almost perfect weather. Frosty night helps to keep the traditionally good road for mountains, and a Sunny day captures the spirit of the fans, you see the snowcapped Alps in the sun. The only problem that would face the athletes, was the strong gusty wind. Unfortunately, no one athlete has failed to close all 20 targets.

Best of all with the treacherous wind was able to cope with Laura dahlmeier, earned two penalty minutes. In an interview after the pursuit in Ruhpolding, where Laura had four penalties, the German stated that it was not so much wrong, if she wants to win. In Antholz Dallmeier confirmed his words with great shooting and high speed of the route.

Until the last meters of the race victory claimed anais Chevalier. With one penalty in standing, the French leader left the stadium, scoring 19 seconds from Dallmeier. However, the finish lap of Laura was not in the teeth of the Chevalier. In the end, hurtful 3.8 seconds of loss at the finish.

To the delight of local fans bronze was sensationally won by Italian Alexia Runggaldier. The first individual podium of her career, the 25-year-old girl, until then, the best result the Italian was a tenth place in the individual race. Runggaldier, and the Chevalier was among the athletes who showed the best result of the shooting – one miss four shooting.

Returns in the world biathlon Darya Domracheva showed the fifth result on the net course. After a not very successful beginning in Germany, the singer has proved that it early to write off from contenders. Nevertheless, his six penalties are not allowed Dasha to rise above the 27-th place.

The Italian track was never successful for our team, confirmed that today’s race. The best among Ukrainians was Olena Pidhrushna, who finished in 17th place. Initially, the captain of our team was going to miss the individual race due to problems with breathing, but the disease Iryna Varvynets changed the plans of the coaches. 20-place finished Julia Jim. More from Julia, it was difficult to expect, given the instability in the shooting.

The sniper of our team Yulia Zhuravok not familiar, a lot like myself, missed four penalty minutes and a final 34th place. The other girls in glasses not included. Eight misses from Anastasia Merkushina and Valentina Semerenko threw them on 58th and 76th place respectively. Jan Bondar, half-closed targets, finishing in 91st place.

The leaders of the world Cup soukalova Gabriela Makarainen and Koukalova failed race, unable to cope with the shooting that led to the change of overall leader. Once again first place went to Laura dahlmeier!


1. Laura Dahlmeier (Germany) 44.48,7 (2)

2. Anais Chevalier (France) +3,8 (1)

3. Alexia Runggaldier (Italy) +46,0 (1)

4. Marie Dorin Habert (France) +55,0 (2)

5. Maren Hammerschmidt (Germany) +1.16,2 (2)

6. Vanessa Hinz (Germany) +1.19,1 (3)

7. Monika Hojnisz (Poland) +1.37,8 (3)

8. Olga Podchufarova (Russia) +1.39,8 (2)

9. Franziska Hildebrand (Germany) +1.45,1 (3)

10. Lisa Theresa Hauser (Austria) +1.48,4 (2)

17. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine) +3.04.5 (3)

20. Julia Jim (Ukraine) +3.29,5 (5)

34. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine) +5.16,7 (4)

58. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine) +6.49,2 (8)

76. Valya Semerenko (Ukraine) +8.27,4 (8)

91. Jan Bondar (Ukraine) +10.53.4 (10)the same news on Biathlon. Dallmeier back on top

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