Briefing the OSCE was interrupted due to the shelling

The hug was interrupted by the briefing of the OSCE because of the attacks

Due to the shelling of the industrial area of the Town an online briefing of the OSCE has completed.

The first Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug was forced to interrupt the online briefing, during which he was in the plant. The reason was the outbreak of hostilities in the industrial zone, reports the Island.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t talk anymore. I see the fighting starts, I see the shells exploding in the industrial zone. I have to finish,” he said.

Then stream a live broadcast Alexander hug from Avdeevka interrupted.

Earlier, the OSCE reported that in the Donbass attacks have quadrupled.

The DNR fired at the drone of the OSCE mission


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