Carpenter said that on may day in “LNR” representatives visited more than 20 countries

May 1, Lugansk

The leader of Pro-Russian militants Igor Carpenter said that the may day events in the occupied Lugansk, allegedly attended by representatives of over 20 countries, in particular, the Deputy of the European Parliament Eleanor Forenza. It is reported resource the separatist “Lugansk information center”.

“Representatives from more than 20 countries participated in the may day celebrations in Lugansk. On this, addressing the participants of the procession of labor collectives and public organizations, said the head of “LNR” Igor Carpenter”, - stated in the message.

The leader of “LNR” announced the following list: “have arrived to us: Algeria, Armenia, Burma, Britain, Germany, Georgia, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Palestine, Beirut, Poland, USA, Finland, Sri Lanka”.

He also added that on the day in the Luhansk also member of the European Parliament from Italy Eleonora Forenza.

It is worth noting that cross the line of demarcation from temporarily occupied by Pro-Russian mercenaries territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions is possible only with permission from the SBU.

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