China lifted into the air a record-breaking swarm of drones

The drones lined up in the air in different shapes

Researchers are testing a technology “smart swarm”.

China launched into the air a swarm of drones 119, breaking the previous record of 67 drones. It is reported Xinhua citing the Chinese electronic technology Corporation (CETC).

Drones launched from a catapult, lined up in the air in different shapes.

According to ETC., swarm intelligence is a key technology for artificial intelligence systems used in UAV, and the future development of such systems.

Engineer ETC Zhao Yanjie told that since the invention of drones in 1917 technology “intelligent swarm” became the decisive force “game-changing”.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Google experienced a system of adjusting the movement of drones. This technology can be a “Manager” for multiple UAVs of different types.


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