Colombian authorities have published a list of survivors in the crash of the plane with the players

The plane crash with the Brazilian football team “Epicoene”

The civil aviation authority of Colombia has published a list of survivors in the crash of the aircraft of the airline Lamia, on Board of which there were 72 passengers, including members of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene”.

Just a list of six people:

- the defender “Epicoene” Alan Russel;

- goalkeeper Jackson Folman;

- defender Sampler Neto;

a stewardess Jimena Suarez;

Brazilian sports journalist Rafael Valmorbida;

- flight engineer Erwin Tumiri.

Note that in the previous list included goalkeeper Marcos Danilo Padilla. However, later the media wrote that he died in the hospital. The Red Cross also reported that Marcos Danilo Padilla died from his injuries in the hospital.

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Recall that in Colombia in a mountainous area near the town of La Ceja crashed the plane with members of the Brazilian soccer team “Epicoene”. The airliner was flying to the airport of Medellin (Colombia). Athletes heading to Medellin for the first game of the final of the Copa Sudamericana with the Colombian team, “Atletico Nacional”.

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In total onboard the liner there were 81 people - 72 passengers and 9 crew members.

The President of Brazil Michel Temer declared three-day mourning.


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