Declassified data of the new Ukrainian rifle

Рассекречены данные новой украинской винтовки

Sniper rifle-STL–016

Sniper rifle “Armata-killer” was created in collaboration with the British.

The Ukrainian-British company Stiletto Systems Ltd has unveiled the specifications of its newest sniper rifle STL–016, which the Internet has nicknamed the “Armata-killer”, reports Military-informant.

The first public demonstration of the rifle was held in the framework of the presentation of the latest technology of the unique guns and armor-piercing ammunition, capable of destroying armored vehicles and disable main battle tanks of the new generation.

Рассекречены данные новой украинской винтовки

Rifle STL-016

Rifle STL-016 is an individual sniper’s weapon and is designed to engage manpower wearing personal protective equipment, fire weapons located outside the cover in open trenches (trenches) and the natural folds of the terrain, as well as air and ground armored targets with thick armor protection:

  • 11 mm at a distance of 800 metres;
  • 8 mm at distances up to 1000 meters.

The rifle is a hand-held mobile universal weapon with a range of targets (ground and air) up to 2000 meters.

For firing from a rifle used rifle ammo caliber .300 WSM all modifications and special sniper armor-piercing cartridges Stiletto Systems with a bullet BS of the new generation.

The rate of fire the new rifles is about 20 rounds per minute.

  • Sighting range (depends on scope) – 2000 m
  • The blank range on the chest figure height 0.5 m – 470 m
  • The direct fire range at a body figure with the height of 1.7 m – 750 m
  • The accuracy of the battle rifle R100 at the distance of 300 meters. – No more than 1.2 cm

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine is developing a new anti-aircraft gun.

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