The first conscripts from the Crimea went to serve in Russia

Crimean conscripts were sent to serve in Russia

Ten of Sevastopol will serve in the airborne.

Today in Russia captured Crimea took place the first sending of recruits for military service in Russia. As reported by Crimean media, the ceremony was held at the Nakhimov square in Sevastopol.

There was wires 30 recruits, 10 of whom will serve in the airborne. They went to Ivanovo to serve in the 98th guards airborne division.

Crimeans are waiting for a two-month course of the young fighter, who, according to the Russian military, not all of them will survive.

As reported Корреспондент.netin 2017 Russia plans to call in the army from the Crimea nearly five thousand people. Recruits will be a thousand people more than in 2016. Already in the spring will urge 2.4 thousand Crimeans, among them will be 400 of Sevastopol.


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