Demyanenko: In the group of death the result can be any

The legendary Ukrainian football player Anatoliy Demyanenko’s chances of national team to reach the final of the 2018 world Cup

About the prospects of the national team of Ukraine:

– Normal perspective. The main one will be the game in October against Croatia. The prospects are good, a lot of young people playing, she needs to get stronger. The prospects are. I think that will be all right.

About team building for the future:

This question is hard, of course. First, the championship will be held in Russia – the sanctions and all that. Even if the sport should be outside politics. Why not? Now a lot of young people playing, so they will get stronger. I think that next cycle they will get stronger, and will generally play well. But the goal should always be, without a task team is not playing. Shevchenko rebuilds the team in combat, you see how has changed the game. From nothing never comes, everything takes time. In this group of death, as we do, the result can be any. Our competitors Croatia and Iceland teams played and experienced. And Ukraine in General in this series the youngest. Shevchenko continues to rejuvenate.

Recall, the fate of the national team of Ukraine to decide the final qualifiers for the 2018 world Cup against the national team of Kosovo (October 6) and Croatia (9 October).

According to the materials:

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