Deputy Minister Avakov responded to candid photos

Anastasia Deeva answered candid photos

Anastasia Deeva alleges that some of the published images, and some are fake.

The newly appointed Deputy of internal Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Anastasia Deeva has responded to the scandal with her candid photos. He told about it in interview to the Ukrainian truth.

24-year-old Anastasia Deyev appointed Deputy Minister of internal Affairs on issues of European integration, which caused a strong reaction in the network, in particular listed in the summary 10 years of experience. Even more that reaction intensified after the publication of her candid shots.

The Deputy Avakov claims that some published images of her, and part - fake.

“I’m not going to hide, the part is an old personal photos that were in the archives, not my own. Part – outrageous fake, don’t want to comment on that,” she said.

She also said that her husband intends to sue.

“I became the youngest Deputy Minister in the history of Ukraine – of course, I knew it would be attention, criticism and biased comments.But I did not expect such a dirty baiting. This persecution, which has its own Director, and every adequate person will understand”, she said.

“It’s something that hurts my family. I don’t know when this pain will pass and when it will become easier. But my husband, who supports me, will defend our honor in court,” she said.

Deeva also prokomentiroval ten years of experience listed in a resume.

“Moonlighting as a moderator on a TV show – is when you give the microphone to participants in the program”, – told about what it was doing in 15 years.

In addition, the Deputy Avakov told how he took a job with the former head of national police Eke Zguladze.

“Probably, but I did not know – whose, I could not ask such a question to his boss. I just received a call. January 8, 2015, the year I came to her for an interview on 13th Jan went to work,” said Deeva.

“If you give a specific example, I did everything from raising and receiving of uniforms for patrol police and ending with the organization of trainings for the units,” she added.

Earlier Avakov explained the purpose of the Deev.

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