Deutsche Bank will pay US $9.5 million fine

The Bank has disclosed estimates of its analysts, the trade prematurely.

The largest German credit institution Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay US $ 9.5 mln penalty imposed on him by the U.S. authorities for the disclosure of nonpublic information of their analysts. On Wednesday, October 12, reported on the website of the American market regulator securities SEC.

According to the regulator, Deutsche Bank published an improper report about the study and not being able to properly store and provide certain electronic records, and also reveal opinions, analyses, evaluation and recommendations on trade prematurely.

The us authorities also demanded from Deutsche Bank payments in the amount of 14 billion dollars (12.5 billion euros) in compensation for questionable transactions with mortgages, which led, in the opinion of the US authorities to the collapse of the real estate market of the United States 2008.

Later, there were reports that the Deutsche Bank fine might be reduced from 14 to 5.4 billion dollars - against the background of these news, shares of credit institutions has risen again.

German Finance Ministry has no plans to rescue Deutsche Bank


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