In Kiev detained four persons involved in the case of misappropriation of UAH 50 million in the Bank “Khreschatyk”

In Kiev law enforcement officers detained four Bank employees who were hiding from the investigation for misappropriation of 50 million. The police have established involvement in the acquisition of funds of customers of PJSC “CB “Khreschatyk” 16 officials, of whom four of the defendants tried to avoid responsibility. About it reported in GU NP in the city of Kiev.

Investigators for several years conducted a pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings initiated under part 3 of article 28 (Commission of crime by an organized group), part 4 St. 190 (Fraud), part 5 article 191 (Assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position), part 1, 2 St. 366 (forgery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

“Now, in agreement with the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office, 16 officials reported about suspicion in Commission of the 172 episodes of illegal activity, which lasted more than three years”, - stated in the message.

As explained in the police, acting in an organized group, the attackers took control of funds of Bank customers totaling over $ 50 million. The investigation revealed dozens of schemes illegal assignments, including the use of client funds for its own needs.

Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings is finished. The indictment is sent to court.

“As for the four detainees, but now they reported about suspicion, the question on election of a preventive measure. Cyber criminals threatens till 12 years of imprisonment with property confiscation”, - have informed in capital police.

As reported, Bank Khreschatyk, in which the territorial community of Kyiv owns 24,9% of the shares through the Department of Finance of the KCSA and 0.06% of the shares through the Department of municipal property of Executive body of Kyiv city Council (KCSA), the decision of the NBU from 05.04.2016 was declared insolvent. The Fund of guaranteeing the deposits of individuals started the procedure of liquidation of the Bank “Khreschatyk” June 6, 2016.

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