Graham Phillips tried to disrupt the exchange of prisoners

Phillips began to insult and provoke Zhemchugova.

During the exchange of prisoners Pro-Russian propagandist Graham Phillips provoked and insulted Wladimir Zhemchugova. This was announced by the representative of Ukraine in the sub-group on humanitarian issues of the Trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook.

“In those first minutes, when on the bridge in the Happiness of Pearls out of the ambulance and leaned on the arm of our guys from the security service, to it in the rhythm of the dance Papuan jumped a humanoid creature. It was acting and did a lot of acting, poked Volodya camera and something wove about “fascists”. Then the creature with the Kremlin perverted brains and British passport back to the Ukrainian operators, who could hardly contain myself and start to scream “Ukrainian journalists … but.” Behind him giggling fun “‘s the negotiator of the Republic” which took the sample “of journalism of the Russian world” in the process of liberation of hostages, to finally make fun of seriously ill Ukrainian patriot. The creature raged, because his goal was to disrupt the release of provocation, a scandal, a fight. Next calmly smoked-watched independent from everything Obseshniki It … (it) is Graham Phillips” – wrote Gerashchenko.

She also asked those present in the exchange operators to publish a video with the behavior of Phillips.

“Thank you to all the guys-operators, which yesterday did not lead to provocation. You are not allowed to disrupt the liberation of Kiev”, – said Gerashchenko.

Phillips also began to insult and provoke Zhemchugova, which is due to the stretching of undermining remained without hands. Pearls adequately and safely respond to provocations, but in the ambulance he became ill. The fighter admitted that Phillips has made him excited.

– And whom do you need now armless? – asked Zhemchugova Phillips.

– I need to your Ukraine. I am a patriot, I want their to Ukraine! Ukraine did not cast their! replied Pearl.

Who brainwashed you? You’re just a zombie! – finally repeated the advocate.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Ukrainians Zhemchugova and Yuri Suprun exchanged under the formula “two by four” in Happiness of the Luhansk region on September 17.


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  1. Phillips is a sick bastard. Just a rat, no morals whatsoever. At first he was such a lover of Ukraine, then as Russia started to pay him money for his propaganda, he fell in love with Russia quickly. Prostitute of a worse kind. His crazy eyes says a lot, he seem to love harassing, insulating people and get a kick out of it. He needs to be locked up in house for mentally ill. Sad individual.

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