In the European Parliament ended the debate about the visa-free regime for Ukraine

European Parliament, photo from archive

In the European Parliament ended the debate about the visa-free regime for Ukraine, tomorrow the deputies will vote.

During the debate a larger number of MPs called for bezviz for Ukraine, stressing that Ukraine has fulfilled all the conditions.

In particular, MEP from Germany and member of the foreign Affairs Committee Michael Haller said that Ukraine brought not only technical, but also political change. He stressed that reforms come slowly, but it is worth considering the fighting in the East of the country.

MEP Beatrix von stork reminded Poroshenko of his possessions and documents about offshore accounts that were published during the scandal PanamaLeaks. Stork stressed that now in Ukraine high level of corruption.

The Deputy from Poland Michal Boni made for granting Ukraine bezveza, explaining that Ukraine is changing for the better and reforms in the conditions of war.

“Visa-free regime for Ukraine - is not present, and the result of its fight corruption and reform in conditions of war,” said Boni.

Besides, the Deputy from Poland, Anna Fotyga supported bezviz for Ukraine, but said that “the mention of the name of Stepan Bandera wakes fears”.

At the same time in the European Parliament criticized the introduction of a mandatory Declaration of income for the NGO members.

As reported, the European Parliament, where you want to start a debate on bezveze for Ukraine, evacuated due to fire alarm.

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