Self-made vodka. As Ukrainians killing alcohol

Mass casualties in Ukraine from counterfeit alcohol

In Ukraine Sharply increased the number of victims of surrogate alcohol poisoning.

In Ukraine sharply increased the number of victims of poisoning by alcoholic drinks.

Over the last few days from consuming counterfeit alcohol died 36 people.

Manufacturer of fatal alcohol sort of found, but globally the problem is not cancel.

Constantly fixed new facts of realization of counterfeit alcohol in trading networks.

Mass casualties

The state service for food safety and consumer protection notes that in the Kharkiv region was 56 cases of poisoning alcohol substitutes. 24 people as a result of poisoning died.

In the Donetsk region in the town of Lyman was 9 cases of poisoning, of which 5 ended in death.

Also in the city of Nikolaev in ternovk’s residential district 5 people died. All died in blood methanol.

Also, 2 people died from poisoning by counterfeit alcohol in the Lugansk region, one person is still in the hospital.

Who prepared

The Kharkiv regional Prosecutor’s office in conjunction with investigators Gospitalniy service and employees of the SBU has established the identity of the manufacturer of surrogate alcohol, which caused lethal poisoning of people in several districts of Kharkiv region.

Most likely, the producer is 27-year-old citizen of Kharkiv.

As a result of the searches, seized more than 4 tons of alcohol-containing liquid.

“Discovered in the shop of counterfeit alcohol poured in Tetrapak and glass bottles. Withdrawn is directed for examination”, - noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Installed the likely channel of supply of raw materials for the manufacture of counterfeit products. This is one of the neighboring Kharkiv region regions.

Who sold

In the Kharkiv region in case of poisoning with vodka and arrested three shop owners, said the press Secretary of the Prosecutor of the region Vita Dubovik.

Shops are located in vovchans’ke, Kharkiv and Izyum areas.

According to Dubovik, owners of preventive measures. In particular, the entrepreneur of the Volchansky district detention with the possibility of additional 275 thousand hryvnia Deposit.

Two owners under-hour house arrest, although the prosecution demanded detention. The Agency will submit the appeal.

Can be found everywhere

In Mariupol law enforcement officers found the store, which were implemented illegally manufactured alcohol and tobacco products.

The police seized more than 1,200 bottles of counterfeit alcoholic beverages and more than 800 packs of cigarettes for total amount about 100 thousand hryvnias.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 204 (illegal manufacture, storage, sale or transportation with a sales objective of excise goods) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The consumers Union of Ukraine reported that in Kiev recorded the facts of realization of counterfeit alcohol in trading networks.

“We have been approached by people who smell determined that sold them no rum foreign production, which was supposed to be in the bottle. I know of two such cases for the same products. It is advisable to pay attention to the organoleptic qualities. If you have opened and you feel a sharp smell, extrinsic to this alcohol, it is better to leave him or call the shop with the requirement to show documents for these products. Trade networks are not very interesting to deal with customers, intoxicated with alcohol purchased from them”, – told the newspaper “Today” Deputy Chairman of the Board of the NGO “consumers Union of Ukraine” Oleg Tsilevich.

Most often retailers do not check their supplier. In most cases they look at the label and accompanying documents. If the alcohol has a good appearance and does not cause at first glance of doubt, they put it on sale.

Where to get

Alcohol it is advisable to buy at retail locations that have the relevant departments for implementation and licenses for the implementation of the excisable products.

Must be tightly closed lid, the tax stamp shall be securely glued and the label should be read freely.

Must be specified by the manufacturer of the product, shelf life, composition – all that is required by the law on consumer protection.

The decision in Kiev

Kiev city Council has taken the decision to restrict the sale of alcoholic, low alcohol beverages and beer in stationary objects of trade capital.

Appropriate restrictions will apply from 23:00 to 10:00 for all entities that have a license to retail alcoholic beverages, in addition to catering food, the report said city Council.

“Every year in Ukraine alcohol kills 40,000 people. This terrible statistics we can only be stopped by decisive action aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and limiting of alcohol consumption”, - said the Deputy Mikhailenko, who initiated this decision.

But the Kyiv regional office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has said it will challenge the decision of the Kyiv city Council to ban selling alcohol at night.

The head of Department Alexey Khmelnitskiy believes that before the vote, the draft decisions need to be agreed with the Antimonopoly Committee.

He also refers to two decisions of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine, which invalidated similar restrictions that are already in place in some cities of the country.


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