Splitting the cost of gas and its transportation to Ukraine for the proceedings with “Gazprom” in Stockholm.

MP Ivan the Fisherman, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 5.04.2017

Splitting the cost of gas and its transportation to Ukraine for the proceedings with “Gazprom” in Stockholm”.Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” stated the people’s Deputy from BPP Ivan Rybak.

With regard to the introduction of a license fee on gas as obligations to the IMF, according to the MP, the Fund only provides recommendations.

“What is the obligation to the IMF? In fact, it is the IMF gives us recommendations on which way we can get out of the crisis that is emerging today in the state. What we are interested in the law division of the law that we voted on the gas market? Because we divide the question of transport the question of the cost price of the goods, we will have the cost of transportation separately. Accordingly, the indicators we need for the Stockholm arbitration, where the case for Gazprom. The price must be divided by the value of the goods and transportation costs and not a penny should not be increased”, - said the MP.

We will remind, the national Commission for regulating energy and utilities (NKREKU), March 28 in Ukraine has introduced a monthly fee for gas for the population and industrial users from April 1. Already on 10 April, the decision had to be cancelled because it caused resentment among the public authorities.

Ukraine is engaged in litigation against the Russian “Gazprom” in the Stockholm arbitration under the two contracts. The first is a contract for the sale of Russian gas. The second is the transit contract.

Also in January 2016, the European Commission and Ukraine invited the Russian side to hold talks on the settlement of violations by Gazprom of Ukrainian legislation and EU legislation.

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