The lawyer of ex-soldiers of “Berkut” said the attack radicals on relatives of his clients

Lawyer Alexander Gorodinsky in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 26.12.2016

Relatives of ex-soldiers of “Berkut” are subjected to attacks and pressure from radical parties, it was declared by the lawyer of ex-“berkutovets” Alexander Gorodinsky in comments to television channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Talking to family and friends of people who performed their duties and served on the Maidan, they talk about pressure and numerous attacks from the unknown side of radical parties due to the fact that their son or a member of their family participated in Maidan and was on the side of law enforcement,” said Gorodinsky.

The lawyer added that no attention is paid to the victims whose relatives were killed on the Maidan from the security forces.

“We are now fully focused at the state level in the affected protesters, but completely ignored the situation with the victims, relatives of the militiamen, were killed on the Maidan. Absolutely no support, no appropriate attention,” said Gorodinsky.

As reported, the Prosecutor General’s office said that the suspicion has already been reported more than 60 ex-“Berkut officers”, part of the indictments filed with the court, the part is still under investigation.

Recall the most bloody during the Euromaidan there was a confrontation on the street where security forces opened fire on protesters from firearms. It killed 105 people, which is now called the Heavenly hundred. The investigators established the involvement of a specialcompany of the Kiev “Berkut” to the massacre of 48 protesters and inflicting gunshot wounds 80 protesters February 20, 2014 at Instytutska street.

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