Ukraine’s public debt is approaching $ 75 billion

Госдолг Украины приближается к 75 млрд долларов

The Ministry of Finance announced the depressing statistics about the debt of Ukraine

In April the debt of the state increased by $1.95 billion

Total public (direct and guaranteed) debt of Ukraine in April increased by 21.12 billion hryvnia ($1,95 billion) to 1,973 billion hryvnia ($74,31 billion). According to the Ministry of Finance, since the beginning of the year the debt in dollar terms increased by 4.7%.

According to the Ministry, the public debt during April, down 0.18% to 1,673 billion hryvnia ($63,01 billion) while external debt has increased by 0.45% to 980,94 billion hryvnia ($36,94 billion).

At the same time in April significantly increased the state-guaranteed debt – by 8.82% to 300,04 billion ($11.3 billion), including external – by 9.43% to 280,57 billion ($11.3 billion).

The principal amount of debt denominated in US dollars – of 42.28%, even 30,82% in local currency and 19.3% in special drawing rights and of 6.44% in euros. In addition, less than 1% of debt is denominated in canadian dollars, and yen.

As reported Корреспондент.netin March Ukraine’s state debt increased by 1.38 billion, to 72.35 billion.

Recall that until the end of 2019 Kiev must pay nearly 13 billion dollars of debt.