A collection of the best and useful stickers in Telegram

Young Telegram messenger is now gaining more and more popularity. In February 2016 the number of active users has exceeded 100 million people. In his blog, the company announced that every day through a Telegram sent 15 billion messages. Since the beginning of March the messenger began testing the function of audio calls that will allow it to compete with other popular services to exchange messages.

Telegram from his fellow features a large selection of stickers. Users can find a ready-made stickers or create their own and share with friends.

In addition, Telegram is also a useful messenger, we wrote how to use it. In particular, for the news - telegram is the best channel of news 112.ua

And to communicate the company Pavel Durov invented stickers - original images, to create them, anyone can. And we have made a selection of the best in our opinion. If you know better - share in the comments!

We have collected the most interesting options are more stickers in Telegram. Among them are jobs for journalists, advertisers, artists, police and other professions, and most relevant, and understandable for Ukrainians.

Stickers, clear to every Ukrainian


A selection of stickers with popular Ukrainian politicians, from presidents and Prime Ministers to young MPs


The stickers, which represent expressive dialogue using surzhik and foul language, however, applicable in the informal dialogue with friends

We don’t put here a screenshot with these stickers because there is profanity


Do not have to be however, to understand the meaning of these phrases


A colorful character of the Ukrainian variety art as Serduchka will also not left without attention among the users of Telegram

Ukraine VK

Stickers that have migrated to Telegram of “Vkontakte”, was made in honor of independence Day. Represent the animals in the images of the Cossacks


Crimean Tatar stickers created by Akhtem Medvedev aroused lively interest in the media and among the Crimean Tatars

Foreign policy

Foreign policy also are popular characters for stickers. Users do simple pictures, memes or quotes from foreign leaders.

Trump and Clinton and trump

The new U.S. President is today one of the most popular characters for memes. Facial expressions, appearance, quotes give plenty of space for creativity when creating stickers.


The German Chancellor also doesn’t leave users indifferent


Former U.S. President and his popular meme with a characteristic facial expression “Not bad” is rightly considered classics


The President of Belarus is also popular among users of Telegram

Stickers for different professions


Business stickers that can be applied in communication between colleagues in any field


Stickers with the police where you can find the typical image of a COP with donuts


Stickers - changes relevant for journalists, proofreaders and the people who work with text


Stickers for the representatives of creative professions, which are always waiting for creative ideas


Stickers that will be relevant for all professions and understandable to people who have 9 to 6 spend time in the office weekdays


Stickers for journalists, which include professional terminology and is suitable for both print and television


Stickers for people who are working to create new projects


Relevant for creative people, for which inspiration can come at any moment

Stickers for all occasions


Stickers for lovers who will add romance to any dialogue

Evil geniuses

Stickers with the great tyrants-geniuses, you can apply when discussing evil plans

School routine

Stickers for dialogue with classmates during lessons and after lessons


Stickers with relevant and timeless themes student life

Movie characters

Tony Montana, don Corleone, James bond, Frankenstein stickers with the characters of movies for every taste

Top 5 stickers with cats

There is a separate category of stickers which will be comprehensible to people of all nationalities and professions, independent of political and religious views. And it stickers with cats.

Simon’s Cat

The character of the popular comic book, which is gaining millions of views on Youtube and leaves no one indifferent

Cat Peach

Popular stickers with a ginger cat that is familiar to users of the social network of “Vkontakte”

Cat Kamikaze

If the majority of the stickers we see lazy and sleeping cats, cat Kamikaze is clearly not one of them

Kooky cat

The most typical lazy, hungry and sleepy cat


Stickers with gray forever hungry cat, which are familiar to users of the app “Messenger”

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