A fire at a nightclub in the city, injuring over 20 people

Photo: SES

In the night club Lviv there was a fire

Photo: SES

In the night club Lviv there was a fire

In Lviv there was a fire in the entertainment center “MI100”, injuring 22 people. This was reported on the website of the main Department of the SES in Lviv oblast.

“Rescuers arrived at the scene, found the fire in the area of 50 sq. m. Assessing the situation, the decision was made to conduct immediate evacuation of visitors of the entertainment centre. In total, firefighters evacuated 250 people”, — stated in the message.

As a result of fire in the hospitals contacted 22 people. 14 people have been hospitalized, two of them are in intensive care in serious condition.

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2:54 the fire was localized at 3:51 completely eliminated.

“The complexity of fire extinguishing consisted in dense smoke indoors, which arose as a result of the fire. Firefighters had to conduct a rescue operation and to liquidate ignition in devices of protection of respiratory organs”, - noted in the SES.

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It is noted that among the visitors was a strong panic, which greatly complicated the process of evacuation.

To eliminate the fire attracted 49 rescuers and 14 units of special equipment. The cause of the fire is established.