Akhmetov has headed a rating of the richest Ukrainians according to “Focus”

Businessman Rinat Akhmetov has headed a rating of the richest Ukrainians according to “Focus”.

Reportedly, the overall condition of hundred richest people of Ukraine for 2015 was reduced by more than a third to 23.8 billion. Last year averaged 5 dollar billionaires and this year their was only four.

The deep economic crisis felt by not only ordinary citizens, but also the richest people in the country. For 2015 the Ukrainian hryvnia depreciated by 48%. Also, almost every participant is forced to think about war with Russia. To loss of assets in Crimea and the Donbass and the closure of the Russian market for Ukrainian goods in the past year have also included the “transit” of war that made it difficult for exports to CIS countries.

At the same time, remained unchanged the first four: Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky, Gennady Bogolyubov and Victor Pinchuk. They account for 7.2 billion dollars, or 30% of the total state of all participants in the hundreds. However, last year none was able to increase his fortune, it was only units from among the richest. Akhmetov was bankrupted by 60%, to 3.1 billion. It is noted that such a “bad” year, Akhmetov was not previously.

To boast of good results can basically the largest agricultural companies. So, to build equity could the owner of the company “NIBULON” and one of the largest grain exporters Alexey Vadatursky, the founder of the holding “MHP” and a major producer of chicken meat in the country Yuriy Kosyuk, as well as a key producer of sunflower oil Andriy Verevskiy with his company “kernel”. Strengthened position for the year and the pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” Gleb and Vladimir Zahariev, as well as Farmak Filya Zhebrovska the.

The most difficult time in heavyweights traditionally attractive for Ukrainian oligarchs metallurgy. So, the capital of another Donetsk businessman, owner of group “Donetskstal” Victor Nusenkis has decreased by more than 3 times, up to $ 150 million. But the condition of Oleg Bakhmatyuk has decreased in 4 times, to $ 200 million.

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It is noted that the decrease in income led to a decline in business activity, which is felt by owners of commercial real estate and hotels. The owners of business centers are competing for customers by lowering rental rates. While the average occupancy rate of Kiev hotels does not exceed 50%.

The crisis failed every fifth participant of last year’s rating. Among retired — representatives of different sectors. So, dropped out of the rankings and the owners of the construction company “Altcom” Alexander Tislenko and Sergey Pavlishev, famous victories over the controversial tenders for Euro 2012. Debt claims “Prominvestbank” to the structures of the business at the end of last year amounted to almost 8 billion UAH. Similar problems and the President of the vodka company “the Olympus” Pavel Klimets, the claim to which was filed by the state Ukreximbank and Kyiv famous millionaire and owner of a network of supermarkets “Buffet table” to Igor Balenko.

At the same time, two people dropped out of the ranking because of the death. Ex-Director of the Mariupol metallurgical plant them. The works Vladimir Boyko died as a result of a long illness, and the owner of the group “continuum” Igor Eremeev died doing his favorite hobby is riding horses.

“Focus” notes that among the newcomers, just as among the most successful representatives of the rating, — mostly farmers, food producers and representatives of the pharmaceutical market. For example, brothers Sergey and Alexander Beets with their company “Svarog West group”, the owner of the company “Terra Food” Stanislav Voytovych, operating in the segment of dairy and meat products, as well as the owners of the egg holding OvostarUnion Mr. Borys Bielikov and Vitaliy Berezenko. Also a novice — industry e-Commerce became co-owner of Ukraine’s largest online store Rozetka.ua Vladislav Chechetkin.

We will note, earlier, Forbes also named Akhmetov, the richest Ukrainian.