Alexander Gvozdik - Yunieski Gonzalez: the Announcement of a Boxing fight

Alexander Gvozdik - Yunieski Gonzalez

Alexander Gvozdik - Yunieski Gonzalez. Another Ukrainian boxer, who will speak tonight in the US will be Alexander Gvozdik.

Alexander Gvozdik - Yunieski Gonzalez
Oxon hill, MD, USA, MGM National Harbor
April 9, 5:00

Weight: 79,02 kg - 79,03 kg
Age: 29 - 31
Height: 188 cm - 180 cm
Number of fights: 12 wins - 20 (2 losses)

Alexander Gvozdik - another Ukrainian prospect who was trying to bring in the top of world Boxing. And fight against Gonzales can be a good help to Carnations began to gain love of the public. Moreover, the boxer has done a lot for this, winning battles in the former contenders for the championship belt.

Once that was Yuniesky. Two years ago the Mexican led to the championship battle. He was given serious advances, but he unexpectedly lost to Jean Pascal. Since then, he Yuniesky managed to lose another Ukrainian Saranskogo and win two fights by knockouts in the first round. In General, Cuban in the battle against Carnation expects to return to its former heights.

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Forecast bookmakers:

This is probably the most “equal” match in all fights of the evening. Under the version of bookmakers, Alexander Carnations will be a clear favourite. On his win rate goes with a factor of 1.2. The victory of the Cuban Gonzalez - 5. A draw is by a factor of 20.

Alexander Gvozdik: “Yunieski Gonzalez is a very good fighter and a very good challenge for me. I heard that he had an excellent Amateur career before he turned professional. I don’t care whether a knockout or a win on points, my goal for this fight is to win and concede as few as possible beats. Very proud that I will fight with my friends, Lomachenko and Usyk. It reminds me of how we fought in the same ring as the fans“.

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