Amina Okueva. Biography of a veteran of the ATO and activists

Amina Okueva were killed near Kiev

In 2015 Okueva was awarded the order of national Hero of Ukraine.

Okueva Amin, a veteran anti-terrorist operation Chechen activist, was killed the evening of 30 October in the village of glevakha, Kiev region.

The car in which she was with her military spouse of the Chechen Adam Osmayev, was fired, according to preliminary data, two people with machine guns.

Okueva was wounded in the head, from which he died. Have Osmayev serious wound in the leg, his life, according to doctors, threatens nothing.

The police qualified the attack on Okueva and Osmayev as a contract killing.

Law enforcement authorities are considering two main versions of the murder: the actions of the Russian special services to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, Osmayev and revenge for the confrontation between the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and his entourage.

The murder of the Amines AquaWay: all the details

Biography Amines AquaWay

Born 5 June 1983 in Odessa in the family of Chechen and polka. At birth he received the name Natalia Nikiforova. Some time together with his family lived in Moscow and Grozny.

“The father is Chechen, but he died a long time ago and I didn’t know him. Mother - Soviet polka, from the North Caucasus. Brothers and sisters I have,” said Okueva.

Since 1999 participated in the Second Chechen war on the side of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

Returned to Ukraine in 2003, he entered the Odessa medical University and graduated in specialization in General surgery. After the end of the honey worked as a doctor-Intern in the 11th city hospital of Odessa.

Amina Okueva trained as a surgeon /

“Since 1999, the Second Chechen war, I took part in helping the Resistance. Details I will not discuss. The resistance and sent me to study to be a surgeon, he Studied six years, then entered the internship on specialty “General surgery”. But after the internship was not practiced by the doctor. The revolution has begun,” recalled Okueva.

Converted to Islam during the first marriage. At the same time changed the name Aminu Mustafinova. Name Okueva - from her second husband. From his first marriage she left a minor son, of which she rarely mentioned.

With her late husband, a military Chechen Adam Osmayev she met in 2008 on the Internet.

“It was a forum anti-Russian underground, for those who are struggling for the freedom of Caucasus, not a Dating forum”, she said in an interview.

Amina Okueva with her husband Adam Osmayev in the area of ATO /

They married in Islamic marriage in the mosque in 2009 without a registration in the passport, because Osman is not a citizen of Ukraine and at that time was in the country illegally.

According to Okueva, they weren’t planning on children because their lives have chosen to associate with the struggle for freedom.

She was planning to associate his future life with the military as a combat medic or member of a peacekeeping mission.

In 2015 Okueva was awarded the order of national Hero of Ukraine, and also firearms, the interior Ministry - the Glock 43.


The Maidan and ATO

With the beginning of the Euromaidan joined a Self-defense, where he was a doctor of the 8th Afghan hundreds.

Amina Okueva on the Maidan in 2013 /

With the beginning of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine in July 2014, joined the ranks of the battalion Kiev-2, which was recorded as a medical assistant, however, for most Amines AquaWay medicine involved is small.

The motive for participation in ATU in the East of Ukraine was the belief that Russia is the common enemy of the Ukrainians and Chechens. Often acted with sharp criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Participated in defense of debaltseve, carrying out fighting tasks near Chernukhino in the Luhansk region. Later served in the battalion of the Golden gate.

Also participated in the creation of a battalion of Chechen volunteers named Dzhokhar Dudayev, and Served as the press officer of the battalion sought and providing it with official status from the interior Ministry. The battalion commander was her husband.

In an interview, she said that in the Donbas there was a sniper, received a specialty of a bomber and carrier antitank guided missile.

“In the ATO, I was trained and received military occupational specialty… I love to shoot from the AGS - even more than a sniper rifle. But mostly I acted like a sniper”, said Okueva.

Participated in the 2014 parliamentary elections, standing in single-mandate constituency No. 136 in the Suvorov district of Odessa (self), however, the Parliament has not got, having got 3.72 percent of the vote (the ninth place in the district).

After the death of AquaWay the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, which has also recently been assassinated, said that in the time of the murder she went to meet him. Okazaloc that Okueva worked as his assistant.

Okueva and Mosiychuk /


The first attempt

The assassination of Amin Okueva and Adam Osmayev on 30 October was not the first. In June of this year in Kiev, a shootout occurred in which the injured Osman.

Okueva managed to wound the assailant of premium weapons, because of this he was detained. Have Osmayev was diagnosed with multiple serious injuries, including lung and liver.

The interior Ministry said that the detained shooter can be associated with Kadyrov.

In February 2012 Osmayev was arrested in Odessa by the Ukrainian security forces on suspicion of committing an explosion in the Odessa apartment. Against it criminal case under article “creating a terrorist organization” and “preparation of a terrorist act”.

Russian law enforcement agencies Osmayev accused that he along with accomplice Ilya Plantinum was going to assassinate Putin.

Osman claimed that after the arrest he was threatened with torture if he did not confess to the attempt to arrange the assassination of Putin and Kadyrov.

In 2012, the Lefortovo court in absentia arrested Osmayev. The Russian authorities demanded his extradition. The Odessa court agreed, but the procedure was blocked by the European court of human rights, which found that in Russia, Osmayev risk of torture.

In November 2014, a court in Odessa has recognized Osmayev guilty under three articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine - illegal handling of explosives, reckless destruction of another’s property and forging documents. Soon after, he was released.

Ironically, two days before his death Akunin published in the Facebook post with the caption: “We are ready to meet with another killer”.