Ukraine will help Canada to restore the population of bees

Украина поможет Канаде восстановить популяцию пчел

Ukrainian bees will help to restore the population of their counterparts in Canada, where they are on the verge of extinction, said the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk.

Beekeepers of the all-Ukrainian brotherhood of beekeepers of Ukraine will help to restore endangered populations of bees in Canada, reports Voice of America.

Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk said the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian beekeepers of the all-Ukrainian brotherhood of beekeepers of Ukraine and the actual bees from Ukraine will help canadian beekeepers to overcome challenges facing canadian populations of beneficial insects.

Partner of Ukrainian beekeepers will be canadian Niagara Beeway project which aims the restoration and conservation of the environment in Canada.

Numerous researchers have reported on the reduction in the population of bees in North America.

A swarm of bees two days pursued the car of the British

We will remind, in 2016, in Canada the attackers stole more than 180 five hives with millions of bees.

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  1. wow it is not real. Canadian bees are increasing in population. I wonder where is this news coming from? Please check with the CFIA for correct info…wow more fake news!!!😯😯

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